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     Peisey-Vallandry guide officeoffers outings suitable for all levels, all week long. Information fromPeisey-Vallandry tourist officeor ofMountain experience by ESF.

However, Bistou offers you some ideas to extend the nature experience with some additional activities!

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Go for a Rando Aperitif at the end of the day and enjoy the most beautiful panoramas of Peisey-Vallandry!

Les soirées

Aperitif by the fire

After a short walk to work up an appetite, discover local products around a campfire while admiring the sunset.

Marshmallow grilled for the youngest (and not so young! 😉 ) then back to the torchlight!



Barbecue in a Pastoral chalet
The Mountain of Lanches

Accompagné d'un professionel de la montagne, vous apprendrez à monter un camp de base, alumer du feu et poser des dispositifs de protection.

Puis vous devrez survivre à des jeux de rôle thématiques (loup garoux, perdu dans l'arctique...)

After a good afternoon of hiking, what better than to linger in nature to observe the stars and sleep at the level of the mountain pastures! Wake up early for a panorama in the light of the sunrise. Just breathtaking!

Les nuitées

For the adventurers

The bivouac is the first step before the adventure! Go independently in search of an ephemeral camp.

The change of scenery is total, you live to the rhythm of nature and the sun! You live in the mountains for one night and you will reconnect with this feeling of freedom!


For a little comfort and a minimum of equipment.

Come visit and spend the night in these traditional places steeped in mountain history.

Meeting, conviviality and cuisine à la bonne franquette! You will be conquered by the rustic charm of the place (provided you do not forget your earplugs)


PRACTICAL in     _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-8d_bad5 Summer

Adventure in the mountains 

If I take care of ensuring your safety, navigation and animation of the hike, there are things that I cannot do for you:

❅ Take some water ! 75cl per person for half a day and 1L minimum (1l5 recommended) per person for the day. Your water needs are doubled in the mountains.

❅ Remember to take sunscreen, glasses and something to cover your head (hat, cap, beanie…) the sun is our friend provided you know how to tame it.

❅ Take a windbreaker, the ridges or the passes are subject to winds which can become violent and drastically change the temperature felt.

❅ A micro-fleece may be necessary if you go up in altitude or if the weather is likely to cloud over.

❅ Walking shoes or sports shoes with minimal spikes. Watch out for city tennis, which is not very suitable.

Flip-flops, sandals and other Spartans are prohibited! It's beautiful, it's comfortable but it's the best way to get an ankle  !!!

❅ Do not forget his good mood and humor! We are here to have a good day ;-)


All hikes ou itineraries may be subject to modifications and changes or even cancellation depending on the terrain and climatic conditions.

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