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Snowshoe and stick rentals are included in your activity offers.

On certain activities, a backpack must be carried, if necessary a bag can be loaned to you. 

Departure of hikes from 5 registered, registration from 8 years old

Do not forget the picnic for the day activities (apart from Marche du Goût of course!)


All hikes, evenings or itineraries may be subject to modifications and changes or even cancellation depending on the terrain, climatic and snow conditions (avalanche risk).


A la carte hike

      . This allows you to perfectly adapt the hike to your desires and your level. You will benefit from advice and personalized listening beforehand to prepare for a day, a weekend, a Trek...

Why and for who ?

- To have explanations and a personalized approach: the theme may be glaciers, fauna, knowing how to orient yourself/give the alert.

- For all those who have a particular hiking project.

- For groups already formed: large families, group of friends, works councils...

familles etgroupes


Profitez d’une journée permettant de s’évader un peu de l’influence humaine de la station pour se  ressourcer et contempler tout ce que la montagne peut vous apporter.

Evoluez dans différents milieux où la faune et la flore seront omniprésentes, vous évoluerez ainsi dans d’immuables plaines enneigées et/ou au travers des majestueuses forêts de la Tarentaise selon le thème choisi.


L'autonomie en Montagne
- Sécurité et prévention

    Recherche ARVA, notions nivologique et météorologique, construction d'abri de fortune, sécuriser une victime en milieu montagnard hivernal, donner l'alerte...

    Autant de notions que de dangers en montagne, au travers d'une randonnée ponctuée d'ateliers, nous aborderons ces thèmes pour que vous vous sentiez plus serein.


Baroque et terroir
- Le patrimoine sous toutes ses formes

    Au départ de Plan-Peisey nous cheminerons jusqu'au joyau baroque de notre région: Notre dame des Vernettes.

  Après que Bistou vous en ait conté l'histoire, nous nous en retournerons chez un caviste local "L'ambiance Cave" pour boire quelques crus du coin avec le plateau de charcuterie du terroir.

Le vendredi de 14h30 à 17h45

The walk of taste
-epicurean day

2 levels of difficulty possible :

  • Exploration day (+)for people already accustomed to walking:

      Take to the skies, let yourself be surprised by gourmet breaks while wandering far and wide in a breathtaking landscape ski lifts. During the lunch break you can enjoy a Savoyard fondue made before your eyes by Bistou in the middle of nature surrounded by the most sumptuous peaks of the valley.

(lift pass or car travel may be necessary depending on the location.)


  • Initiation day (-)easy difficulty level:

      We will follow a balcony path in the middle of the forest before enjoying our Savoyard fondue made in front of you by Bisestou , surrounded by nature overlooking the valley and its enchanting landscapes. 

the goal of the activity being epicurean, walking is only there to help digestion and the elimination of excess gluttony!

Copie de IMG_20220317_122936_edited.jpg

Adventurers of the Tarentaise 
-Getaway day

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad discover the villages of Tarentaise and the hidden valleys of tourism?

I suggest you escape to the wild slopes of the Beaufortain to see the mountain in another way and take a step back from the tourist crowd of the resorts.

Trip by car does not exceed 1 hour to be expected

Level: Normal, long walk without particular difficulty with many breaks.

Copie de IMG-20211123-WA0008.jpg


         Votre journée de ski est fini but you are still looking for activities? No problem! Bistou Montagne offers a wide range of after-ski activities for all tastes.

You will evolve in the tranquility of the forest  at dusk. Let yourself be won over by the serenity of the place but be covered! The cold is waiting for you...


Une Nuit en refuge
Au plus près de la nature

Les refuges de montagne ne sont pas gardés l'hiver mais en bonne tradition savoyarde, ils ont une partie accessible aux aventuriers.


Vous sentez vous capable de traverser les alpages enneigés pour accéder à une soirée d'exception? 

Du samedi au dimanche

Contes et légendes
Bienvenue dans l'imaginaire

Votre guide, déguisé en trappeur du grand nord, vous emmènera en forêt pour vous narrer les contes et légendes de la Savoie.

Qui donc est la fée myrtille qui créa de délicieuses baies à son nom? Quelle légende derrière le mont du chat qui finit par donner son nom à Chambéry?

Autant de mystères que seul les vrais savoyards connaissent !


Man vs Wild 
man facing nature

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad Through various tests, show your ability to survive in the mountains by making good use of the tools that will be entrusted to you.

Will you be a creative helping to build a shelter   or rather a leader to lead the group in the right direction?

It's up to you to find out by taking on the challenges of Man Vs Wild.

Level: From beginner to marathon runner, little walking, the activity being centered on the tests and the learning of "life in wild conditions".

A bag with everything you need for a survivalist experience will be provided to you.

The evening ends in the warm, sipping a free drink around a mutual aid group game.


Fire and men 
narrative hike

          _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad men of the valley.

I would tell you how, over the ages, hunter-gatherers have become ski instructors. The hike will be punctuated by breaks near fires lit in accordance with the means of the time narrated!

Level: Accessible to all from 8 years old.

Back by torchlight, grilled aperitif: small pieces of sausage, cheese and marshmallows (this is not a meal)and hot water available.


The Starry Approach Walk
altitude restaurant

brasserie des pistes.jpg

 © Pierre Depont

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-58d_ What better way to go to a restaurant than to go to a restaurant? go snowshoeing of course!

We will go in search of our evening meal while walking among the spruces to observe the nature that falls asleep with the night. Then we will join the terrace of the brasserie des pistes where we will be able to observe with the telescope the lunar stars which will want to present themselves to us, a glass in the hand.

When the frost is felt, we will join the gentle warmth of our typical Savoyard chalet for the evening.

Level: Regular. Accessible from 8 years old, approximately 250m of elevation gain.

Meals to be paid on site in accordance with the evening menu. Return to Plan-Peisey in 5min

PRACTICAL en  Winter 

Ancre 1

Adventure in the mountains 

If I take care of ensuring your safety, navigation and animation of the hike, there are things that I cannot do for you:

❅ Take some water ! 75cl per person for half a day and 1L minimum (1l5 recommended) per person for the day. Your water needs are doubled in the mountains.

❅ Remember to take sunscreen, glasses and something to cover your head (hat, cap, beanie…) the sun is our friend provided you know how to tame it.

❅ Take a windbreaker if you don't want to bother with a coat (the latter is still recommended, the weather changes quickly in the mountains), the ridges or the passes are subject to winds which can become violent and change the temperature drastically felt.

❅ A fleece or a warm sweater as well as gloves are necessary even if the day is sunny.

❅ Warm and sufficiently rigid walking shoes, if possible high. Beware of airy sports shoes (mesh on the top that can easily get wet) and city tennis shoes, which are not very suitable.

Moon boots are prohibited! It's beautiful, it's hot, but it has a marshmallow effect and it doesn't fit in the snowshoes  !!!

❅ Do not forget his good mood and humor! We are here to have a good day ;-)


All hikes ou itineraries may be subject to modifications and changes or even cancellation depending on the terrain, climatic and snow conditions (avalanche risk).

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